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I’m Bree,


I’ve traveled all over the world creating reflections of my experiences. I’ve painted my journey through Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Polynesia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and United States. Exploring and living in these countries has opened so many different colour combinations and unique environmental influences.

My inspiration changes depending on where I’m traveling or generally how I’m feeling in my life. Recently I’ve been painting my escape from the crowds of coastal cities. You can often see one surfer, empty lineups, one umbrella and a lonely boat surrounded by marine life and the stillness of the sea. In a world of chaos and places full of noise I have always treasured my time submerged in nature. The peace it brings me and the feeling of being apart of something. I love taking the time to listen to the environment which I feel is often muffled by the sound of humanity. Painting a little bit of how I forever want to remember this world, peaceful, non judgmental and connected in every single way. My paintings are heavily influenced by my surroundings but one thing always remains the core subject and that is definitely nature.

Short-ish story on the events that lead me to become a full time artist

Since I was a young child I’ve practiced art. For years I was sketching, using charcoal, pencil/pen and developing later in the years an interest in water colors. For me it was always something I did but growing up it was often said art was a hobby not a career.

I traveled since I was young but at 19 I left Hawai’i to begin traveling the world. Some time into my travels I began working over in Sri Lanka as a surf instructor when I had a pretty ugly accident. I was hit in the face by a surfer and broke my front tooth and neighbouring tooth, as well as splitting my bottom lip. I seeked medical attention as quickly as I could, unfortunately the care in Sri Lanka is like the wild west, pretty unpradictable.

I won’t bore you with all the details but basically the dentist “accidentally” pulled my front tooth out. He did an emergency implant which was the scariest thing I encountered. Mostly because a random doctor is slamming a metal screw into my bone and I had no idea what is going on, he’s also ruining my borrowed dress and Bob Marley is playing over and over in the background - which just about ruined that sound track for me.

After the ordeal was over I spent around two months hiding in a dark little house in Sri Lanka. With a fake super glued temp tooth acting as my front tooth for 6 months I began experimenting with paints. I was told I couldn’t surf until I got my stitches out so all I painted was surf breaks, nature and whatever else that brought me peace. I painted my escape from a situation I couldn’t wrap my head around. It was such shit luck. I had no idea that people would then begin to notice my art and want to connect with it as well. A shit luck situation turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. I realised I wanted to create for people what art was for me. A memory and dream of peace in this chaotic unpredictable world.

I hope you enjoy my paintings, and get to know me through my Instagram!